Darling Dahlia Here!

“Dahlia is like a desirable dream; delightful, respectful, witty, and fun.
I saw Dahlia a few times, and at each encounter she was very enjoyable, easygoing, and erudite.
She was always punctual, polite, playful, and passionate. I'm looking forward to seeing her again!”

-A. Libretto

Nice to make your digital acquaintance. My name’s Dahlia. But you can call me Dahl, Dahlly, or D.

Easygoing and charming as I’m apt to be described in person, I can be exceedingly so in dances with words and imagery all the same.

Seldom have I crossed paths with any man or woman, in-between, or neither (hearts not parts, love) who’s found themselves capable of resisting the desire to remain in contact.

I could carry on at length about myself, but chances are if you’re here it’s not to read- unless it expressly is, in which case I’d urge you to check out my forthcoming blog. If it’s visual pleasure you seek, then I’d urge you to peruse my gallery in a similar spirit.

I’m a chick with an astonishing and unique backstory, and heaps of singular perspective and experience to share. Throughout my life I’ve often found myself playing the role of confidante and companion- and if you get to know me, it’ll become abundantly apparent why.